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Hello some assistance please.

So here's my situation. My gaming computer is an I-5 2500k Sandy Bridge with 8 gigs of RAM. Initially I had a Geforce GTX 560 TI on it, but I recently upgraded it to a GTX 670, as well as installed Windows 8. I noticed that some of my games, old ones even, suffered from sever frame rate drop. Now it wouldn't bother me that much since sometimes that just happens in some situations of the game, but I noticed this did not happen in the same situations on my secondary computer, which is an Intel Quad Core Q9300, with the GTX 560 TI I removed from my gaming computer and 8 gigs of RAM.

I did some research and I found out Windows 8 really isn't optimized in a lot of ways quite yet, so I figured that might be the problem. So I reinstalled Windows 7, problem still persisted. Then I read that the 600 series of Geforce cards don't play nice with a lot of games either. So I uninstalled all the drivers and re-installed the GTX 560 TI... in other words I put the system back the way that it was prior to my "upgrades"... the problem still persisted. It seems I did something to my system at its core that's causing this drop in FPS.

Possibilities I have read about in my research:

1. Drivers - they are all updated
2. DirectX - I have 11 installed, up to date.
3. CPU temperature - I am not overclocking, and temperature seems stable at 58-63 degrees.
4. Remove spyware/additional programs - I am running things exactly the same way as I did prior to my attempted "upgrades", back when this frame rate issue was not happening.

The only difference that I can see between now and prior to the upgrades is that some programs still have that blue-and-gold administrator shield in the icon, despite the fact that I have UAC turned all the way down to the lowest level.

There's just no reason it should be outperformed by my far weaker computer, and I have no idea what might be causing it. Any thoughts?

Thank you
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  1. Try to disable all the power saving BS on the CPU. Did you tied new MB bios?
  2. err sorry you're gonna have to talk to me like i'm a 6 year old. how do i disable the power savings BS on the CPU?

    i haven't done anything to the BIOS, it looks exactly the same as it did pre-upgrade when everything worked fine. although now that i think about it there is one slight difference in login; in the past when booted my computer, after the initial BIOS startup options screen (press F2 for bios, etc.), it gave me the option, told me to choose which to log in with, windows 7 or RAM disk or some such thing. it's not giving me that option anymore, it's just going straight to my login screen. not sure if that means anything but yeah it's happening.
  3. lol what type of motherboard you have?
    PS: BS is a bullshi...lol
  4. oh and i just thought of another upgrade i gave it; i previously had 2 500gig hard drives, i put that in the quadcore and replaced it with a single 2tb hard drive, would that make a difference?
  5. What kind of HDD? Hope not green drive.
  6. What games exactly.If you are playing unoptimised POS games then no one can help.
  7. they may or may not be optimized but the point is they're working fine on my quadcore with a gtx 560 ti. with the exact same graphics card they get drops in fps on my i-5, even though they were working fine just a few days ago prior to my upgrades. so clearly there is something not right here, probably caused by the recent changes.
  8. hard drive is a seagate 2 tb 7200 rpm. can't recall offhand exact specs of the previous hard drives, just that they're two seagates, 500gb each.
  9. I was trying to find your mb bios and its options but I could not find it anywhere...
    So for now try to disable intel graphics and see what happens.
  10. err how do i do that? haha i wasn't exaggerating one bit when i said talk to me like a 6 year old.

    i'm in BIOS now, Configuration => Video

    i see five options, i bolded the ones currently chosen

    Integrated Graphics Device - Enable if Primary/Always Enable/Always Disable
    IGD DVMT Memory - 128 MB/256 MB/Maximum DVMT
    Primary Video Adaptor - Auto/Int Graphics (IGD)/Ext PCIe Graphics (PEG)/EXT PCI Graphics/Manual
    IGD Primary Video Port - Auto/DVI-I (Blue) Analog/DVI-I (Blue) Digital/HDMI/DisplayPort
    No Video Detected Error Beeps - Disable/Enable
  11. what games?OMG is it that hard to name them?
  12. Integrated Graphics Device - Enable if Primary/Always Enable/.....***Always Disable***

    choose that one
  13. didn't work. i'm still experiencing fps drops at the same places.
  14. Well keep it disable. Run a CPU monitor while playing the game and see if it hit 100% at the places where the game slows down.
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