ASRock Z77 New Build, Fans power on with power supply, no boot

So I just put together by new computer yesterday,

ASRock Z77 Extreme4
i7 3770K
Patriot 16GB
Gigabyte GTX 670
Corsair TX850M
Corsair 600T (case)
Corsair H80 cpu cooler

The first time I tried to power on I saw the system boot to life for a split second, seemed like the case fan lit up.

After that nothing happens when I try to power on, fans are constantly running even when I just start the power supply. Often time both cpu fans will come on then one or both will stop while the case fans and gpu fans continue running.

Where do I start to debugging this scenario? Should i jump straight to bread boarding?
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  1. I just tried the paper clip test on my PSU alone, however I noticed it turns on regardless of whether or not i connect the green and black pins, so as long as the PSU is on, any connected fan will run
  2. What bios version do you have?
    The i7-3770k is supported since bios version 1.20
    I would get the new bios before anything else.
  3. sounds like you forgot the mb stand off or the i/o shield is ground out the mb. make sure you used them and the 4/8 pin white atx power connector plugged in.
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