Are these parts good to go?


I am making a new gaming pc build. I already have a few parts and know what I want to buy for the others. I'd just like to know if they will all be compatible, if the power supply will be enough, and if any of you have suggestions. Thanks! :D

I have these so far:

1.5 TB 7200 RPM Seagate Barracuda
i5 3570k @ 3.4 (3.8 Turbo) ghz.
Msi Z77A-G41

I'm going to buy these soon:

Cosair CX500 V2 (supposed to be 500w but I'm pretty sure it's less)
Nzxt Phantom 410
Some DDR3 RAM either 16gb or 8gb, just waiting for a good deal

I'm going to buy these when I sell my laptop*:

W7P 64 bit
GTX 570, GTX 660, or comparable graphics card
Zalman 21.5 in monitor 1080p

My budget is around $400 before I sell my laptop (*see above).
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  1. 1. Your psu will depend on which graphics card you'll pick. but a 500w maybe enough I think. And will only be enough if you'll go single gpu. But for safety, I prefer making it 600w. Just for safety purposes.
    2. As I see in your build, you'll plan to OC, so you'll need a cooler for it. a hyper 212 will do.
    3. for gpu, if your budget range is on the range of 660, then 660 might be the best card on his range. but if you can up your budget a bit, better go 7950.
  2. try this antec unit if you can afford it
    and get the 7950 over the 660, it is just in another league. Even the 7870 completely stomps it.
  3. zatic said:
    Would you recommend this 630w Rosewill PSU?

    Rosewill is fine. Not the best unit but an absolute steal at that price.
  4. The Power Supply is thee most important part of a build. You don't want to cut costs in this area.

    With the graphic cards you are looking I would get something stronger than 500 Watts.

    650 Watts would probably be advisable. A little more than you would need which provides a nice buffer for a good strong current for your whole system.

    Corsair, Seasonic, Antec and XFX tend to be some of the better PSU Vendors.
  5. Bad choice on the motherboard. MSI boards are pretty much one of the only makers that seem to have problems. Mine went down in about a year.
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