Buying Graph Card HELP !!!

Hi,im willing to buy a new card,im between
6670 1GB GDDR5 128 bit ( need 400 w PSU as it say on site )
GTS 450 1GB GDDR5 128 bit ( same 400 w required just need 1 connector )
and GTX 460 OC Cyclone 768 mb 192 bit...(site says need 450 w and 2 pin connectors )

now problem is i have
AMD 4200+ 2.2 ghz AM2 64dual core( old as hell )
2 GB RAM DDR2 800 mhz (dual chanel 2x1gb )
Motherboard with nforce520 chipseat dont know exactly name it's PCI 16x 1.0 i think
curently equiped ati hd5450 512mb 64 bit (HTCP card stupid for games ass hell )
and PSU ( major problem ) that comes with case MICROLAB 400 w 12 v rail 22 amps i think it haves...i dont know does microlab is good brand....that is i am woried about GTX460 and GTS 450 to not be dead by PSU lack of power and bottleneck of 4200+ AMD....
SO i want play games like Battlefield 3 Crysis 2 Mafia 2 and others on 1366x768 my native res. with best details...
So which card you prefer me to play at 1366x768 with best details to not have bottlenecking by procesor ??!! :/// answer please couse tomorow i need chose between those 3 cards.....
prices are same for both 3 cards 75 Euros :)
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  1. Only the GTX 460 would be able to max BF3 at 1366x768.

    However, it's not happening with your computer. You'd need at least Sandy Bridge i3/Core2Quad/Phenom II CPU, 4 GB of ram (preferably 8 GB) and much better power supply unit.
  2. Of the cards you list, the HD6670 is the only viable choice for your PSU. If available, a HD7750 would be stronger, and also not need a PCIe power connector.
    Your CPU is old, so do not expect to play on max details. I believe the game will be playable, but on considerably lowered settings. "Medium" still looks pretty good though.
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