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I currently have a Gtx 560 ti and I'm looking to upgrade. Was thinking about the Gtx 660 ti. This a good card? Would I benefit from going to the 670? Main game I'm looking to play is x plane 10, which can easily bog down the 560 ti if you add enough settings. The 660 ti would obviously be an improvement, but would it be worth the extra $50-60 to go for a 670? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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  1. The extra $60 is worth it. 670 is a powerful graphics card and certainly one of the most bang for the buck. And what PSU you're using?
  2. It's an Ultra 650W.
  3. Well, uhhh.. Ultra is not known for their high quality PSU. Can you list the model of the PSU? For safety reason, I think you might have to consider a new PSU, well because 670 use quite a plenty of power.
  4. Not sure of the model number. At work right now I can find that when I get home. But if I'm currently running a Gtx 560 ti and haven't had any problems, I'm not going to all of a sudden run into anything will I? From what I've read the 560 ti and the 670 have very similar, if not identical power draw. Correct me if I'm wrong?
  5. Well I'll be damned. Accordingto this techPowerUp review, it is A LOT less.

    I'll checked other reviews, see what I can find.

    Edit: According to Tom's. it higher..,3217-15.html o.O

    Guru3D said it 20W lower. Well, I know it's a different specifications, but I think 670 TDP is less than 560 Ti's. So, I think there'll be no problem. :)
  6. Ok, so all that said, the 670 is going to be that much better than the 660 ti? Just looking for the best bang for the buck...
  7. According to this graph, 670 is slightly better than 660 Ti.

    So, yes, 670 is better than 660 Ti. The higher memory bus of 670 will be very helpful if you're using high AA setting.
  8. Looks like that's the card for me then! Thanks!
  9. You're welcome. Enjoy with your new graphics card. If you have any problem, just come to this thread again. :)
  10. Guess I have one more question... Which of the 670's is going to deliver the best performance?
  11. The Asus DirectCU II TOP. It got perfect 10 score from techPowerUp!, which is the first graphics card that ever get full score. That's nice to me.
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