HDMI splitter issue

Thanks in advance for any help. Problem is, I'm using an HDMI splitter to split the signal to my monitor and also to a TV. When the splitter is there windows 7 can't recognize the devices and so a very low resolution is displayed, and I dont have the option to set the resolution that the monitors are made to work at. Annoying to say the least.
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  1. this is probably not the answer you are looking for, but why not use hdmi for the tv and use dvi for the monitor? and if u want the same image on both screens just use 'clone desktop' in display options.
  2. well for simplicity I didn't say that i have 2 monitors on my desk one is using the dvi out and the other for hdmi. my graphics card will only support 2 monitors. Otherwise I would do exactly what you just described, should have said that earlier i guess. Thanks though
  3. There should be a check box somewhere that says hide resolutions that this monitor cannot display in the GPU drivers. That being said an HDMI splitter is a bad idea and may affect your display quality

    EDIT: I can't seem to find it in mine, maybe its been removed. In the AMD drivers under "My digital flat panels" theres an HDTV support option that allows you to force it to add 1080p to the display manager
  4. I was looking in that same place a earlier, and there were some options for forcing it, but my monitor never really accepted the settings that were forced.

    I was fooling with a program called PowerStrip, and I think this would have been a solution had I tinkered with it a bit more.

    But in the end all i had to do was flip off my hdmi splitter for 10 seconds, and then flick it back on. 2 hours wasted for basically nothing. Thanks for the help.
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