Hi I'm wondering how do I know which graphic cards are compatible with my particular computer

My computer is this model Appreciate the help

E Machine El1852G
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  1. you have 1 x PCI Express (x16) so any pci express card will work but its also dependent on the size of your PSU(power supply)
  2. its a E Machine El1852G -52w

    Lite-On PS-5221-06 220 Watt Power Supply

    100-127V ~/6A - 220V-240V ~/3A 50Hz-60Hz

    220 Watt MAX - Main Connector 20Pin
    +5V / 14A
    +12V / 14A
    +5VSB / 2A
    +3.3 / 13A
    -12V / 0.3A

    2 - SATA
    1 - 20pin + 4pin Power
    1 - 4pin Power
  3. would like to have a




    and one that will fit been seeing problems with them fiting the coputer without cuting on anything
  4. ATI RADEON HD 2400 XT

    Would that work
  5. jjdamron1991 said:

    Would that work

    No thats an old card.

    Are you just looking for a boost when playing videos or are you trying to videogame? A low end video card can work in this PC without modification, but you aren't going to be able to upgrade this older PC to a level that will do well with modern games.
  6. Hi,

    BTW you psu is a noname timebomb, you should consider changing that too :P
  7. The cheap way out is adding this AMD 6450 for $29/39
    It will give you a decent boost watching videos and playing low end games.

    In order to play modern games you would need to upgrade both the video card and power supply -- which I do not really think is worth it on this old emachine unless you are planning to start building your own PCs and using the parts over.
  8. I just need one for a specific game and i got a list of ones that will work with the game but idk which one will work it said the ATI RADEON HD 2400 XT ia aupported idc if its old or not as long as it makes the game work ok with no lag or anything
  9. well lol the emachine isnt old i just got it about 3 weeks ago its windows 7
  10. ????
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