Computer turns on and off in a loop

i recently built a new computer and got it up and running. it downloaded all the new drivers for everything and was acting like a normal computer again. i shut it off last night and attempted to turn it on this morning, and it worked it turned on started to boot windows. then it froze at the windows screen shut itself off, and starts an endless cycle of turn on then the cpu fan would stop spinning then it would reset, it will do this continuously. i have already tried to single out the root issues by removing all the peripherals, and running just the cpu and mobo. that didnt work either, it boggles my mind that it could work one day but not the next, any help would be appreciated!

intel i5 3570k ivy bridge 3.4ghz
gigabyte z77x up4th mobo
2x8 gb sticks of g skill raw ram ddr3 1600mhz
ultra lsp 750 watt psu
geforce 560 gtx

once again keep in mind that this system worked flawlessly no less than 12 hours ago.
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  1. Call the best buy geek squad/sarcsm
    Check the ram. If it isn't seated properly it won't boot.
  2. ive tried that already different spots ], ive even bread boarded it to isolate the issue but to no avail i think its my psu, i think it took a dump on me
  3. ok new updates i used my old mother board and the new psu together in a bread board fashion, it works. so its got to be my mobo
  4. It will be your Motherboard. I have had no end of trouble with Gigabyte Boards doing exactly what you describe. I have a Gigabyte Lynnfield i7 sitting in parts because I don't trust it enough to buy even a budget case to bolt it back together.
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