9500 GT is dying?

After about 10-15 minutes of playing Aion, pc freezes with multi coloured patches/squares all over the screen! Something like this but worse... http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b205/osakajoe/err.jpg

I cant take screenshot because PC is almost totally blocked and i have to reset it or it resets by itself if i left him hanging...:/

And temps for graphic card are going 70+ while gaming.

The graphic card is dying right? I cant tell if it happens for other games because they are not playing any other heavy games other than this one.

CPU: amd dual core 3Ghz
Graphics: Nvidia 9500GT

I dont know everything exactly because its a friends PC not mine.

What should we do, buy a new graphic card?
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  1. Try installing the newest drivers form Nvidia site after fully uninstalling the old driver. If that does not improve it get back to us...
  2. Yeah, i already tried uninstaling driver in device manager rebooted PC downloaded newest nVidia drivers for 9xxx graphic series instaled it. But the problem persists...:/
  3. Has the card ever been OCd? This sort of thing can happen if it ran too hot for long periods of time?

    Does this only happen in Aion?
  4. I dont know cuz that is the only game played on that PC.

    And no card was never OC-ed or anything.
  5. Have you checked to see that the fan on the card is running? It's an old enough card that the fan may simply have locked up. Check to see if it's clogged up with dust as well. Also try setting a box fan or something blowing directly into the case with the side off and see if it still does it. If the card is simply getting to hot it will cause all kinds of issues. Best of luck!
  6. Well if the fan isnt working at all, i think it would heat up much faster but who knows...:P Ok i will try to maybe plug some extra case fan and direct it to blow onto the graphic card directly...;)
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