GTX 670 Problem

Hi, I recently decided to upgrade my old HD 4890 to an Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II.
I bought it some days ago and i was really excited to test it out. But when i started my system the graphic card started smoking shortly after and my computer restarted. When my computer restarted my screen was black and the gpu wasn't working.
Thankfully any component was damaged and Asus is going to give me a new one.

My question is: The graphic card was defective? Or maybe another component made a conflict with the graphic card and started burning? (like the PSU)
Because i don't want to burn another >.<

My specs:
I5 3570k
8 gb RAM 1600 MHz
Mobo: Asrock fatal1ty z77 pro
Psu: OCZ ModXStream 900w (It's a little old but it's working great with my HD 4890)

Sorry i'm a little new and i want to do things right :p
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  1. It start smoking holy crap lol i never seen a Asus card do that it shouldn't been caused by your psu i am not sure what could of been the cause.
  2. If your power supply is over two or three years old it could of been the cause
  3. it's three years old but right now is working really nice and never failed me.
  4. It could of been the cause to be safe i would just buy a new one but it's up to you.
  5. But it's a little strange because my HD 4890 works perfect with the same connectors and my PSU has overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit protection.
  6. That's true
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