Grafic card usage drops from 99% to 0%

Ok guys first i whant to say :hello: Hello i just registered to site but i am your regular visitor if i need any help regarding pc or notebook problems

ok here i go i hope i dont kill you if this turns out to be a wall of text

problem that i ma having is located in my laptop Qosmio x770-11c

laptop specs

CPU - Intel Core i7 2670QM @ 2.20GH Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology

GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M 1.5g


idle temperatures for my CPU is araund 76 to 80 c working temperature is araund 95 to 98 c

idle temperatures for my GPU is araund 56 c working temperature is araund 68 to 73

ok so whats my problem i have this thing that you guys refer as throttling with my GPU when am in games and when i say games i mean every game from tetris to guild wars 2 my GPU usage drops from 99% to 0% for couple of sec usualy for 20 sec or so than it goes to normal for 1 min than process repeats all the time, meanwhile my CPU usage sits on max 60% when that thing happens so after some time i whent to upgrade my bios and tested all nvidia drivers starting from really old one to newsone and it didnt help after that i contact service and they changed my motherboard , GPU and CPU with no resault at all so i am sitting here with pretty much broken laptop or can some one help me out and show this guys from toshiba how this thing is fixed i realy need some master minds for this problem i think ,D

thanks guys best support site araund !!!!
sorry if i misspelled something english isn't my native language

ohh yea laptop was never overclocked or interfered with factory settings
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  1. I know this might be a dumb question, but does performance change?
  2. Did it have a fresh install of Windows put on the new parts? If the parts have truly been replaced, it must be a driver issue.
  3. I would send it back. The CPU isn't supposed to get anywhere near that hot. Thats just ridiculous. That CPU throttles at 100c.

    (assuming you mean "working temp" as in playing tetris. Heck even if it was getting that hot doing intel burn I would still call up and complain.)
  4. i know for sure that cpu and parts where replaced becouse serial numbers where different than the ones that where in day i sent them laptop.

    i duno i think problem is in bios if some one can look at bios for my laptop and see whats going on in there i think that would solve a problem maybe

    Toshiba family ---->> Qosmio model-->> X770-11c short model ---->>PSBY5E
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