Finally got all the money together Help with Build Please :)


Now Xmas has passed, I have pawned all stuff I own and saved as much money as i can
I have £320 (im in UK) and I dont need to buy the graphics card, monitor or keyboard and mouse
By the way prefered websites are

ARIA PC have ridiculous delivery charges!

And i want this pc to play bf3, crysis farcry etc on mostly high settings! (graphics card I have is gtx 660)

Thanks in adance
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  1. Oh yeah I have the case aswell! Corsair 200R
  2. Thanks for the reply man! Looks like im sticking with the i5 3470, never seen that ram before but it looks like good value! Good PSU I think i will go with a gigabyte z77 mobo though for same price as the msi one as it has dual bios :)
  3. They're good ram : /

    Yes, the gigabyte has also good mobos, it's the question of checking every good website.
    Also don't you need a hdd?
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