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I need help trying to upgrade a radeon hd 4200 and I am on a tight budget. For x-mas I can get a 950-watt power supply and was wondering if that would help with framerate issues with newer games. I want to play Black Ops 2 and BF3 etc... With at least 60fps+ on lowest settings or better. I need help please!!
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  1. Well, hello there.

    Upgrading your PSU will not, I say again, will not increase your framerate.

    Radeon HD 4200 is an integrated graphics, that's why it's slowing you down. 950W PSU is very overkill. 650W is enough for any single graphics card out there.

    List down you PC specs and your budget. We'll help you find a suitable graphics card and PSU.
  2. Yep. That psu is unnecessary. Like acerace said, list your specs and budget.
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