Card(s) Needed to Max Out 2560X1600 Display?

Okay experts. I am getting a new system with a 2560X1600 30 inch monitor and I want ALL games to run maxed out at 60+ FPS. What is the best solution? As of now I think I can pull this off with a crossfire pair of 7950's.

Will this work? (maxed out)

Any other solutions?

Any cheaper solutions?
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  1. It really depends on the games you play. One 7970 should be enough, if you overclock it, for most games.
  2. I run 2560x1440 with a single GTX 580 at stock speeds. So far it runs every game if thrown at it on max settings.
    I dont get 80-100fps, but 40-70fps. Still makes for very nice playings.

    Some games will also tax your CPU, so make sure you have a good one. my old i7 980x works great (again at stock speeds).
  3. So wait are you asking what the "best" way or the cheapest way ? or the dollar to performance ? Cause sure your 7950 xfire should work, so would 7970 xfire, or maybe 7870 tri fire.
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    The best/fastest solution might be a $1000 GTX690.
    The GTX680 sli under the hood can be very fast.

    But, I would try a much cheaper GTX680 with a factory overclock.
    I think you would find it very effective.
    I have two such 2560 x 1600 monitors, and have no problem with a stock GTX680 gaming on one.
    I get a steady 60fps on civ 4, but I can't say how it would do on different games.

    If budget is not an issue, then you could always add a second one later.

    And... Do not pay extra for a 4gb version, read this:
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