Upgrade from 2x 550Ti Sli

I bought a pair of Asus GTX 550Ti's that I tossed in SLi last year as a debate on what route to go with in GPU's. Since, at the time the price/performance was just haywire from my vantage point; I decided to drop in a couple of these cards. With this in mind, now it's come to a time where I may possibly just upgrade, single card.

I've been looking in the $300 range and seems to me so far, the 7950 3GB has become the best choice. However; I'm not exactly sure where to go. I'm looking for the absolute biggest bang for my buck; and $200 would be a golden price. I want to outperform these cards for sure, but if it's only a 10% gain; not worth it.

I've narrowed it down and like I said, I have the best choice of mine right now, but these are in order of where I'm seeing them as performance goes.

7950 3Gb
GTX 660Ti
2x 7850 CrossfireX

I'd prefer to go single card; just not sure where to go. I don't want to break $300 for sure, and the 7850's would probably do just that. But what other options should I look into? Before I go, I'll drop my system specs just in case it's needed.

ASRock P67 Extreme 6 mobo
i7 2600K Stock clocked
4x4GB Corsair vengeance 1600Mhz DDR3
2x Asus GTX 550Ti 1GB SLi
OCZ Vertex 4 120GB SSD
WD 150GB Raptor X SATA
Antec TruePower Quattro 850w PSU (TPQ-850)

I appreciate any input!
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  1. On battlefield 3 you would pay $3.78 per frame per second with this 7870
    with this 7870 it is $3.53 per frame per second
    and this 7950 is $4.43.
    remember this isn't factoring in rebates or the fact that the 7950 comes with 3 games, the 7850 comes with 1, and the 7870 comes with 2. also this is bf3 on 1080p and high settings.
  2. How much of a gain would that 7950 give me over my current 2xgtx550ti setup? I only party in 1920x1080, so... Also does the dvi transmit sound in the case I'd like to play on my TV and 7.1?
  3. A 550ti sli setup is comparable to a 560ti-560ti 448. The 7950 is comparable to a 670, and some overclocks have gotten it to 680 performance.
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