[HELP] Unable to find drivers for Toshiba Satellite P105-S6114

I posted a few weeks ago about having a BSOD with this computer (a friends that I was trying to clean up) and after taking it to another friends house we concluded that a fresh install of Windows XP.

My new problem is that I am unable to find the drivers for this laptop. I've been to the Toshiba website but it seems they dont have them. I am primarily looking for the LAN drivers for it, if there are extra drivers linked though that will be a plus.

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Oh wow! I dont know where I was looking on their site but I couldnt find that. There are 3 options for LAN, how do I know which one I need?
  2. 1)Windows XP SP2/SP3
    2)download "Intel PRO 10/100 Model Driver V8.0.43.0"
  3. Ok, so I downloaded it (it was a zip file) and ported it over to the computer that needs it via thumb drive.

    I unzipped it but how do I install it? There's only a uninstall app that came with it.
  4. Hello, I have so this model, and I have drivers for this.Write me email, and I vill post you, 12 drivers , all for this laptop :)

    My english is not good, sorry for this :) My adress is: bettuska72@nokiamail.com
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