SLI GTX 670 FTW ??

Will adding a second GTX 670 FTW affect things like fps? How much will this improve the gaming experience? My boyfriend plays Guild Wars 2

boyfriends computer:

CPU- Intel Core i7 2600 3.4gHz
Memory- 16gb
Systen Type-64 bit operating system
SSD - Sandisk Extreme + 2 HDD's (not being used I don't think)
Motherboard - Asus P8P57 Pro
Graphics Card-GTX 670 FTW
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  1. it will add more fps but if he only plays on single 1080p in most cases a single 670 is good enough already.
  2. Yeah, he doesn't need a second graphics card by any means.

    The reason he's getting low FPS in GW2 is because it's a badly coded game - the best computer in the world couldn't do much more than what he's got.
  3. Okay, yeah that is what most people have been telling me. Thanks. So when people SLI what size monitor do they use? I mean I know a lot of people do SLI the 2 670's so are they just using bigger monitors and stuff?

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