Disabling MSI Twin Frozr dust cleaning?

Hi, I own an MSI GTX 660 Ti Twin Frozr, and whenever my system powers on, the card spins its fans in backwards direction, which clears out any dust that may have accumulated. The problem is, it gets pretty loud during this time, and it doesn't stop until Windows 7 is done booting. Is there any way to disable this?

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  1. You could try modding the BIOS of the GPU, but that's extremely dangerous. Why would you want to disable it? It's actually a pretty nice feature even if it gets loud. You could get an SSD and have Windows boot in 2 seconds.

    Is there an easy way to change it?
    Is there a hard way to change it?
  2. I actually run on an SSD, so yeah, the boot times are fast, but I'd just like the fans to ramp up like that when I need to, not every time I boot the computer. It's not too distracting, but it is a little annoying.
  3. Well the drivers are what controls the fan speed so until the Windows drivers are loaded there is no way to control the speed. As was said above you could mod the BIOS for the card but I would not try it as you could kill the card.
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