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Sharing Across a LAN Partially Working

I have a strange issue with my home network, I have my main pc downstairs, which is choc full of media files, work documents and the likes, and my laptop upstairs which is next to empty as I only use it for work/watching things. My issue is, on the main pc I have downstairs I have a few folders shared, completely open to everyone on the LAN. Few videos, pictures etc. I used the exact same sharing method for each folder I wanted to share, yet, when I get upstairs on the laptop, I can see the folders I've shared, but can only access like, 2 or 3 of 6 folders, the rest tell me; 'Windows cannot access \\PCHERE\FOLDER HERE, you do not have permission'. I've made sure of permissions etc on my main rig, tried unsharing and resharing the folder but to no avail, both have systems have different names, environment set to home etc, if anyone could help in any way, it'd be greatly appreciated!

P.s. Homegroup wont work for some reason, both systems seem to think they're a part of a homegroup that didn't/hasn't ever existed and I have no idea how to delete the homegroup from the network. :(

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    Homegroup is probably messing with your user permissions. The homegroup will be deleted when all PC's have been removed from the home group. here is how to remove a PC from the homegroup.
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  3. This worked perfect, thank you! =]
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