Connect computer will not work with windows 7 64-bit workstation

I am trying to join a HP Z400 Windows 7 Pro 64-bit workstation to my SBE Server 2002 SP2 network using "Connect Computer" I get to the point where it asks for the username/password. I enter the administrator name/password and it tells me it is invalid. I cannot figure out what could possibly be wrong as I did not have this problem with another Windows 7 system I recently joined to the domain. Any suggestions would be most appreciated as I am stumped.
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  1. In the network control panel (advanced options) make sure network discovery is on; also double check the workgroup is correct under the system control panel (advanced settings) and you can click on the network ID wizard button there..
  2. Are you entering the domain admin account or the local PC one? You need to use a domain admin to add to the domain (username will be "domainname/user"
  3. Hi everyone!
    Thanks for your posts. It turns out it was a corrupt OS installation. My first indication was that the clock was in 24-hour military time. I thought that was odd but just changed it to standard 12 hour am/pm. The other odd thing was that when I tried to type a "\" it would display a "#". I had our outside IT tech come in and after some poking around he found that the settings were in metrics, etc. So.... apparently it decided to install some other country's OS -- maybe from the language pack disk? (I was using HP's recovery disks as when I purchased the workstation and booted it up it said the OS was corrupt so I had to do a reinstall.) Apparently, my reinstall also was corrupt. As they say, third time is a charm and after doing yet another reinstall it connected to the network with no problem. So simple! Yet, I was stumped because I am just starting to work with Windows 7 and 64-bit hardware/software so I thought it was something more deep and complex. Thanks again for all your replies!
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