New build, need water cooling help

I have worked out my new build, but now I would like to delve into water cooling. I would like to do this as a custom loop for the versatility as well as a learning experience.

- Ivy bridge 3.5ghz 3770k
- Asus Sabertooth 277 motherboard
- Corsair dominator 32 gb kit (4 x 8gb)
- 2x EVGA 680 superclocked 2gb
- 2x western digital caviar green 1.5 TB HDD
- Kingston hyperX 120 gb SDD
- lite-on blu-ray reader
- Asus blu-ray burner
- Cooler-Master silent pro gold series 1200 watt PSU
- Thermaltak armor Revo snow edition ATX-full tower case

There is a TON of water cooling products out there and just as many helpful guides, but given this list of parts what is going to be the best way to go for a custom water cooling loop incorporating at least the CPU and GPU's. My budget is about $200 for this.

I know that there is a lot to consider here but any help would be great.

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  1. XSPC Raystorm RX240 Extreme is the cheaper route i don't recommend any less.
  2. Sounds good, how about water blocks for the 680's, and wis the full tower case a must or will this setup work in say a large mid tower such as the corsair 600T?
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