GTX 660 Ti vs Hd7950

Hi all!, I am new to this forum and have a question that has been bugging me for quite a while now. I am going to upgrade my computer soon enough and have a particular build that I have put together and am pretty well made up in my mind for everything apart from the graphics card.

Ive done a bit of research of these two cards and what I see is a lot of people claiming the hd7950 to be miles ahead of the GTX 660 Ti. From what I read from most reviews is that the GTX 660 ti beats the hd7950 on a lot of benchmarks. I understand that the HD7950 can overclock a lot higher, however, quite a few of the games favor Nvidia such as Battlefield 3 and Skyrim which is where the GTX 660 ti scores higher. Nvidia appear to be more consistent with their drivers as opposed to AMD; I have read that AMD are improving though. I'm not a fan boy Nvidia nor AMD. I guess my question is what makes the hd7950 a better buy than the GTX 660 ti? other than the overclocking side of it I can't see why the hd7950 would be, as it seems in order to get better performance that the GTX 660 ti you have to overclock the hd7950 in order to do so. If some of these game titles being released that take advantage of nvidia GPU's over AMD, why choose this card over the GTX 660 ti?.

Sorry for such a long post! This information is just what I have taken over the internet please correct me if I'm wrong on something. I'm really just looking to find a good answer, cheers!
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  1. I haven't seen the newest benchmarks. Nvidia just came out with a new driver. AMDs cards did get a big boost from their last update though. Only base your conclusions on newer benches as they will be the most accurate. Games will always favor one company or the other. Both cards are good, they are very close in benches, just go with which ever one you can get cheaper.
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    with the recent AMD drivers, i wouldn't consider the performance difference "miles ahead", but close enough. unless you mean at higher AA settings, i.e 4/8xMSAA, then the 7950 would have the edge.,3283-11.html

    nevertheless, Nvidia has recently released a new driver promising 5-15% improvement

    it all boils down to a better deal. the 7950 is currently bundled with 3 free games, and the fact that it can handle higher graphic settings due to it's memory bandwidth and it's OCing headroom is also a plus.
  3. thanks for the responses! I am from New Zealand and don't believe we get a bundled deal but I think the Sapphire HD7950 Vapor X is the better deal in this case so I think I might go with that.
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