Steps to install graphics driver

Steps to install graphics driver?
Steps to install lan driver?
Steps to install audio driver?
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  1. ... That entirely depends on what card you have.

    Google your graphics card (i.e. if it's an Nvidia 670, google "nvidia 670 drivers")
    Click on the first link that's from the card's maker (nvidia or radeon), and follow the instructions on that page.

    For the other two, google your motherboard and find the manufacturer's support page for that - there will be a downloads section with the drivers you need.

    (Just curious, how do people find their way to post on here before they can find the answer on google? Makes no sense to me...)
  2. on a new build you install the os first. on the os reboot have a usb stick that has the newest intel chipset drivers if it an intel mb or amd chipset. you can use the drivers on the mb cd if you have to but most times there 5-6 months old. install the mb chipset drivers first then reboot. then on the mb driver cd install the audio and network drivers. most audio drivers from realtek will have you reboot and it install it self on the reboot. after the network drivers are install go to nvidia or ati web page and let the drivers auto scan your system and install the newest driver.
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