7970 Lightning or XFX GHZ Edition Double D


I'm Wondering if I should go for an MSI 7970 Lightning or a 7970 Double D Ghz Edition. I Like how the Double D is $50 cheaper. Is The Extra $50 for the lightning really worth it? I'm not trying to break records. I Just want a card that can do some light overclocking and stay cool quietly.

Thanks In Advance.
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  1. the double D is pretty good and if you just want a slight OC, it will be good enough. The lightning isn't worth the money unless you want the absolute best performance since its got all the extra OC features like voltage checking and that reactor thing.
  2. Btw, Do You guys think I should go with a 7970 or a 7950? I'm just planning on running 2 1080p monitors. Only one will have games running.
  3. I always go for the strongest card i can afford at the time i upgrade and if it doesn't cut it i buy another lol.
  4. Ok Thanks
  5. Your welcome!
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