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so my plan is to get a new pc monitor this year in december because of the good deals and im looking for a good pc monitor for pc gaming. im looking for a monitor no bigger than 20inchs, and the quality i want at least from 720 to 1080p. plus i dont want to go over $120. if anybody has a good answer just let me know. thanks and have a great day
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  1. Oops! It's over 120 sorry. I don't know any cheaper that are good.
  2. $120 1080p monitors are generally mediocre or terrible.


    at least this has decent reviews...

    Save another $30 and get this.


    Edit: oh... no bigger than 20 inches.... THERE ARE NO DESKTOP MONITORS 1080P UNDER 21.5 INCHES.

    Edit 2: oh wait. you meant between 720p or 1080p lol.

    then i'd recommend this...

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