Hey 1st time pc builder,need help pls

hey im completely new to pc building but im kinda stuck in the process of wiring everything up,so im alittle confused on where some wires are suppose to go,im also using my manual and past posts about wiring on this forum and youtube videos but the more i look at them the more confused i get so my 1st question is this cable here
im not quiet sure where it suppose to go since there is plenty of slots it can go to and i used 2 sata6g cables for my hard drive and my ssd,hope you guys can help with my build
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  1. Hi. That looks like a SATA cable. I'm guessing you've already connected your hard drive and SSD to your motherboard. If you have an optical drive with a SATA interface, make sure you connect it to your motherboard with the SATA cable. If you have connected all your storage and optical drives, then store the extra SATA cables for future use. Here's a guide to help you:
  2. Well its not an extra sata cable its actually connected to my atx case and I'm not sure what to do with it.thx for the advice
  3. It sounds like your case might have a docking station. If you don't plan to use it, you can just ignore it.
  4. oh ok thx,you mind helpin me with a couple more questions?
  5. Sure. And if I can't answer them, someone else here probably can. :)
  6. so i attached the sata6g cable to the mobo and is there another cable that goes on the left of this because i dont have any cables that connect to that design of plug
    its directly to the left of the sata cable...
  7. That plug is for the SATA power cables from your power supply to provide power to the hard drive and SSD drive.

    Here's a picture from the guide I linked to:
  8. Here's a better picture of the plug. It's the 2nd one from the right.
  9. I saw your power cables and got a little suspicious. I think this is the PSU you have?


    If you can, I strongly urge you to return it and get a new one. It's not worth the risk of having it fail and take your rig with it. Here's a much better one for only $30 after promo code and rebate:

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 500W
  10. wow,yea thats exactly it,so i wasnt really paying attention but i found the cable and plugged them in,the reason i purchased this one is because i really liked the green but you seem to have WAY more experience than me so i guess ill return it
  11. I had a feeling it must be the color but trust me it's worth the hassle of returning it and ordering a new one.
  12. Also I think that Apevia PSU only has a 4-pin CPU power connector when your motherboard has an 8-pin. It doesn't have an PCI-E power cables and your graphics card requires 2 and it doesn't come with any adapters.
  13. hmmmm well heres a picture of what i have connected,i think i got everything connected.........
  14. Yes it looks like have those cables connected correctly. I guess the description on Newegg must be wrong but I still urge you to replace the power supply.
  15. ah sweet well heres another one of my dumb questions

    the 2 black connections on the left is for 1 of my fans and only one of those fits on the green connections to my right,so what do i do with the other black connection is it jus an alternative or an extra one jus incase the psu has a different type of connection? really appreciate your time thank you
  16. Are the 2 black connectors connected to each other down the line somewhere? If so, then it could be a splitter so you can connect the black connector on the right to something else that may need that connector or just leave it alone if you don't need it.
  17. oh ok,yes its connected to one cable,so i should be able to jump from one fan to the next? let me try it real quick
  18. Yes you should be able to. Also I found out what the first SATA you asked about was for. Your motherboard has an eSATA port in front the case according to the manual. You can just ignore it.
  19. sweet,yes i can jump from one to another,is that possible? like can i do that?
  20. Yes you should or just use the extra molex cables that I see you have left.
  21. If I have helped you with anything today, I hope it's to replace the power supply. You must be annoyed with that by now but it's important. Good luck and enjoy your new build (and I hope a new PSU).
  22. yes you most definetly help me out today i jus got one more question but if you gotta go im pretty sure some else will come along,so i have this little connector here thats attached to those other connectors that hooked up to the fan

    and it looks like it might fit in these 2 spots
    and another spot thats next to where i plugged up the cpu fan i not quiet sure where this connection might go
  23. I think that's the connector for a floppy drive at the far right of the image below:
  24. are right again I'm an idiot so I don't need this connected to anything right?
  25. From the picture on Newegg that connector on the motherboard is for the chassis fan. You motherboard manual should tell you what each connector on the board is for. You don't have to worry about that connector since your case fans just need to be powered by molex connectors.
  26. leifo said: are right again I'm an idiot so I don't need this connected to anything right?

    No you do not.
  27. Well good sir I I really appreciate your help and. I think I'm good to go I jus need buy a cd/DVD drive and windows 7 and I should be good to go I hope
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    Yes you are (welcome). You can get a good, cheap DVD burner from Newegg for $18 and with Windows 7 64bit you're good to go.
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