Hd 6570 with e5700 good or bottleneck?

i going to buy hd 6570 1gb ddr3 for my question is there will be any bottleneck with my dual core e5700 3.00ghz?
or i should go for hd5570 1gb?

my specs:

intel pentium dual core e5700 3.00ghz
500 gb hd
4gb ddr3 ram
win 7 64 bit
450 w psu
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  1. please help me
  2. Best answer
    No it probabily wont but u should go with i3 if u r so concerned.
    Also u cud upgrade ur ram to 6gb .
  3. Anytime you are using a dual core processor, you will never get an improvement in the video quality.
    No matter what video card you buy, it will not improve it.
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