Is something wrong with my system?

I have made my first PC, but keep running into issues. When playing World of Tanks it randomly crashes, it gets 30 fps average when playing Assassin's Creed 3, fraps doesn't recognize Just Cause 2 (Maybe that is a software issue): Just a whole bunch of problems.

I don't know if something is wrong or what (As I said, this is the first PC I've made from scratch).

Motherboard: M5A97 LE
CPU: AMD FX 8320
Ram is RipJaws GSkill 16GB (8GB x2)
GPU is a standard 7970
Powersupply is 600 Watts
Case is a Scout 2
Windows 8 on a SATA SSD
(Cooling is stock till I can get something better)

Notes: It seems to run Just Cause 2 well, I just can't tell the fps, when using task manager/ Resource monitor it shows 50% total usage on AC3 (until my computer crashed, I think it just overheated), Minecraft with optifine runs at around 100-200fps, Ran Civilization 5 for about 4 hours straight hosting a match with a friend without an issue.

Is my computer just not up to par? I was thinking a 7970 and an 8320 would be very powerful combination, but most of my games crash often or run really slowly. Is it being bottlenecked or a bad part or just not as powerful as I expected?
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  1. What brand and model number is your power supply? Overclocking? Could also be a heat issue.
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