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Hey I just wanted everyone's opinion on if this is a good low-medium end computer that can play max resolution on low or medium settings in games like BF3 and Crysis. thanks

AMD FX-4100 (not overclocked)
GTX 550 TI 1GB
8GB ram
600W power
windows 8
Zalman z11 HF1 case
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  1. Yes.

  2. Have you already purchased this build? If not, we may be able to help you create a better build for your needs. If you haven't bought this build yet, what is your budget?
  3. I have already bought the graphics card but I was wondering if the fx 4100 had any effect on gaming because I've heard the fx series didn't do too well. I'm earning the ram, I'll be ordering soon. Phenom ii are discountinued so I can't get one of the 95watt phenom ii"s ( motherboard restrictions)
  4. They don't do well in single threaded games such as Skyrim or Starcraft 2. However, they can hold their own. Most of the work comes from the GPU anyways.

    The Phenom II's are actually still available on some websites. Here's a trustworthy site...

    AMD Phenom II X4 965

    I would highly suggest it over the FX 4100. Do you already have a motherboard? If so, can you give me model number or link me to it?
  5. Interesting about the fx.. My motherboard that just came yesterday is the asrock n68c-gs fx. It only supports 95 watt CPUs. I still have the phenom ii coming to my house I have to return it because its 125w. I'll have to find the 955. I've looked everywhere though
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    Well, in that case, the FX 4100 will be an ok performer. It will get the job done.

    If your budget allows, I would suggest you go for either the FX 4300 or the FX 6300
  7. so you mean the Fx-4100 is better than the Phenom ii 955?
  8. No, the Phenom II x4 955 is a 125w part just like the Phenom x4 965. So you can't use it with your motherboard. Therefore, if you have to, then the FX 4100 will serve your needs for now. However, the FX 4300 or FX 6300 would be better performers.
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  10. thanks for the help bro
  11. No problem; glad I could help. :)
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