Best GPU for me?!

I am planning to upgrade the PSU and Graphic card of this system. Its an Optiplex 780. Specs:
Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHZ
4GB DDR3 1600MHZ
Some Dell MOBO
1080p monitor (Samsung SA350).
If I left out anything important you can always either ask or search the PC. I haven't changed anything in it. I am planning on a 430W Corsair PSU because it will be plugged with in the same wall power expander more ports for power thingy with my (FUTURE WILL BUY WITH THESE STUFF) 3930k and 8970 when released. So whats the BEST possible GPU that I can get without: Power issues (Like I want 100ish watts headroom) and not enough PCI-e connectors. And bottleneck issues from CPU. Thanks!
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  1. I would go with a HD 7750. That's as fast as you are going to go with that rig.
  2. with a cx430, you can run a hd7770 and a gtx650 ti without any problems and with decent headrooms too. I'd recommend the sapphire hd7770 ghz edition with vapor x cooling -

    or a gtx 650 ti if prefer nvidia-

    I wouldn't get any gpu more powerful than those 2 because your cpu is likely to bottleneck it even with decent amount of overclock.
  3. Also sorry I didn't mention. I can't OC with this mobo. I even tried SET FSB still crashed. D:
  4. It works different to OC a graphics card than ram or cpu. All you do is download a program like MSI afterburner and change a couple numbers and hit apply. You don't have to go into your bios.
  5. I know. I mean I can't OC the RAM and CPU. I AM NOT A NEWBIE!
  6. you dont need to OC your cpu/ram for hd7770/gtx650
  7. 650 ti or 7770 is your best bet
  8. What about a GTX 660? And is a Core2Quad a good idea?
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