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So I plan on getting a GTX 670, and am planning on buying a 1080p 24" monitor. Yes, this is overkill, but I want to future proof my graphics card, especially since the XBox 720 and PS4 are just around the corner. Now my question is, can I (and should I) get a better monitor (same size, greater resolution)? I do not want to spend more than $200.

Would I notice a gaming improvement using a monitor with a resolution >1080p? Would I even notice the difference?

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  1. you cant get a 1440p.monitor for $200.
    they cost around $400 or more
    so your current setup is perfect
  2. You can get a 1440p monitor for $200 they are korean made look it up there are a ton of people that recommend them since they are made from LG products or the same that are used in the apple display.
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