How Many Videocards will we have to buy when Next Gen Consoles hit?

Currently Nvidia and AMD both claim that current Videocards are anywhere from 10x to 20x more powerful then the 2 Major consoles, I Myself just bought a MSI GTX 670 and am not against upgrading however what on earth cause these console ports to demand so much freaking hardware. I can't help feel that Console devs and AMD and NVidia are giving us PC gamers the shaft and forcing us to Upgrade far to often in order to max out games. I understand that a lot more behind the sceens goes on with a PC but have you guy's seen Halo 4? that game looks stunning and I have a feeling if it were to be ported it would make a 7970 and GTX 680 scream and want mercy but why? What is going on why are Console devs able to do such amazing things with limited hardware? The next gen consoles have fairly outdated Tech as well if rumors are to be trusted. So just how many $500 dollar Videocards do you peeps feel we will have to buy this next Console Generation ? and Yes I know you don't have to upgrade but I am aiming my question at people like me who want max everything. My final thoughts are something very fishy is going on 10x and 20x the raw power yet less then a years worth of Maxing everything out at playable FPS.... It is as if they wanna sell consoles and consoles only.
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  1. That's because you have higher and better graphics on PC. If you had same hardware as consoles, you could play those games at lowest settings, at 1280x720 resolution and 30 fps.
  2. I know I just don't get the upgrade cycle
  3. Consoles use 1xaa, 1280x720 or less, 30 fps, low detail, you name the setting and it's on low. Us PC gamers keep upgrading to max out games. I want 1920x1080. I want 4x aa. I want ultra with 60 fps. Think of it this way: when the new consoles come out they will be playing games on high. After a couple years settings will get turned down and eventually bottom out like this generation is.
  4. The things that should stand out the most are resolution and fps to anyone...Alot of console gamers dont notice the difference in fps because they are playing with controllers which are alot smoother but inherently less responsive and less accurate..

    Beyond that are things like AA, AF and other post processing effects which some people just dont seem to be sensitive to at all, which I dont understand... it sticks out like a sore thumb to me...

    You're not forced to upgrade unless you want to max the newer titles out completely, if you want to play at console settings you can certainly be many generations behind

    Edit: In response to your other question, the graphics cards we have now are already far superior to next gen consoles, there were some rumors that the next xbox will have a 6670, after microsoft took a large order of them, thats speculation, but could be true.... Consoles make better use of GPU's due to the limited way they are designed, they have excellent communication between GPU and CPU because thats basically all it has to do...PC's have other uses apart from gaming so have to share the bandwidth with other hardware and run relatively more powerful OS's
  5. I hope PC takes the lead Dev platform this time around when the new consoles come out. I really don't want a repeat of 2005, It is as if PC games outside of some niche Titles like Hawken and Hard Reset have been stuck in 2005. I know we get higher res Textures and good bumps in terms of looks and stuff but like Cliffy B said quote: Next-gen is here and it's high-end PC!. I want my amazing looking games now none of this old school crap.
  6. Yea I Imagine we are going to get a nice wave of PC crushing games, starting with Crysis 3 and FarCry3, but they are going to be on the consoles too, I don't really worry about it too much these days, devs are usually quite good at giving the PC gamers a good solid experience while still maintaining console playability albeit with bad graphics...BF3 plays great on a PC and many console gamers were sufficiently satisfied....

    The reason everything has to be multi-platform is piracy...Its far too easy to download games on the PC... If developers release a decent single player title solely on the PC platform, they can pretty much kiss their profits goodbye

    Everyone support Game Developers :) Has no one else noticed how crap the majority of movies are these days, lets not do the same to the gaming world!
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