Powercolor HD 7870 PCS+ or Sapphire HD7870 OC ed

Hi guyz, Im confused with these two 7870s.. powercolor is more affordable than sapphire.. but what about the performance.. i need your advice guyz..
help me ^_^

thank you!!
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  1. Performance very similar. Reputation is on Sapphires side since Powercolor is a budget brand.
  2. Sapphire is the largest manufacturer of AMD cards and has the better reputation. I have used several in the past and they were good cards. Never owned Powercolor and probably won't in the future either.
  3. Sapphire is a better brand in terms of quality and support. Choose Sapphire.
  4. Its pretty simple. If you go AMD, Sapphire. If you go NVidia, EVGA. I have had Sapphire since my 9700 Pro and not had one card fail me yet (9700 Pro, 9800XT, X850XTPE, HD2900 Pro, HD4870, HD5870) and now have a HD7970 Dual X and Vapor X and HD7870 Dual X.

    Sapphire is the AMD brand to go with.
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