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What graphics card is capable of running games at 2560x1440

Hi, I was wondering what graphics card/s would be ale to run new games such as dishonored on high-ultra settings on a 2560x1440 screen? Any answers are great, thanks!!! :kaola:
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  1. from amd a 7870 or 7950 would be great while from nvidia a 660 ti or 670 would be good choices for gaming at that resolution
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    nope Nvidia cards start to suffer from bandwidth issues at that resolution because of the sad 192bit and 256bit buses.
    The best would be a 7950 as it will play games at that resolution well and won't be very expensive either. However get a 7970 if you really want to enjoy the smoothness at that level.
    I would stay away from nvidia at that resolution. A 670 or 680 might do good but then again AMD is better at higher resolutions
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