Can I get a graphics card for this laptop??

Hello guys

I have recently purchased a packard Bell AJ300 laptop, It wants to be broken down, cleaned up and rebuilt with new heat sinks etc. so therefor i wish to see if I can fit a graphics card to the motherboard with not too much hassle, then i would upgrade the processor (Pentium (R) duel core 1.47MHz) to what ever would fit the chip set as long as the bios will read it.But if I cant upgrade the graphics card I will not bother.
The main problem is I can't find any info on this laptop online,Google only gives Me chargers and battery replacements on any searches.
Can anyone help Me to get some info please.

many thanks
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  1. Sorry, laptops are not upgradeable in the sense like desktops. You cannot change neither processor, nor the graphics card.
  2. Sunius is right. No upgrades for you besides memory and hard disk drives.
  3. thx guys, in that case i will leave it to collect dust hahaa
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