Rate these two builds for me please!

I have one build with OC'ing intentions, but I'm not sure if I want to OC or not yet. I'm not 100% sure it's necessary in my case. I'll just be using it for surfing the internet and playing games. I want to be able to enjoy them on pretty high settings, and to have everything look good.


The other build I have made up can't be overclocked, so it's not something I would ever have to worry about.


Can someone please look at these two builds and let me know if they'd change anything, or if I did anything wrong, or which they'd prefer? I can't decide if I want the ability to OC in the future. I'm pretty sure it's something I would never take advantage of.
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  1. Ocing is great, you can squeeze out a lot of performance, but your graphics card is horrible, the 660Ti has been an utter flop. Would you like me to recommend a better build? What is your budget and usage?
  2. My budget is around $900, and I plan on using this computer to surf the internet, playing games, and storing music and pictures. Yeah, if you think I can do better, then please, let me see some other options.
  3. You'll regret a 64GB SSD. I've gone that route, and you end up playing the disk management game just about every day.

    Now that you can get 120GB drives for less than $100 reliably now, I'd say that's a pretty good minimum.
  4. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/uVYY
    You don't get the SSD but the 7950 is wayyyy better than the 660Ti. If you don't want to OC, don't, but get the K because if you decide to you can get some great results.
  5. Hmmmm. Quite a bit overbudget for me as it sits. Is there any reason I can't just use the 7950 in my original build? Is there a reason the 660ti is apparently a POS?
  6. yes, you could use the 7950 in your original build. The 600Ti is a POS because it is way more expensive than the 7870 yet it gets crushed by it
  7. So it isn't exactly a POS, it's a cost issue.
  8. yes.
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