PS2 works but not USB

Just got a new motherboard and CPU. Cleared the old hard drive and reinstalled windows using a PS2 keyboard. Got windows 7 up and running but no USB device will work. Not sure if I plugged something in wrong or what, 2nd time system builder here.

Weird thing is that during bios USB keyboards work. When windows starts, the USB devices seem like they just turn off. I popped in the gigabyte CD that came with the motherboard to install all the drivers but I can't access the install button using tab and cannot for the life of me figure out how to install whats on the disk. The Ethernet port wont work either without the drivers. Unfortunately, I dont have a PS2 mouse or I would click the stupid install button.

Basic question: Why would PS2 and USB keyboards both work in bios but then only the PS2 keyboard would work in windows?
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  1. Try all of the USB ports. Even on the front of the case.
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    Answer to the basic question is Drivers.

    If your Gigabyte boards is like mine, there are both USB 2 and 3 ports. These have different drivers. If you are lucky, you can try a different USB port and windows may have loaded the driver for that one. (Mine are red and blue)

    You should be able to tab around using the keyboard (alt, tab, and enter keys will be useful) to get the drivers to install from the CD.
  3. Fixed it. Thanks. There were 2 USB slots up by the PS2 slot that I didnt see and the first one did it for the mouse so I got it all installed and working. Thanks.
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