Image makes monitor go crazy

i was having an issue when my screen went nuts when ever i would go to a particular website. I narrowed it down to one banner. I downloaded the banner onto my machine and even goes nuts when i launch it in preview straight from windows.

by going nuts i mean that the screen starts fading to white, then might turn black, then go back to normal and then fade to white. The minute i close the image, everything goes back to normal.

windows 7 - totally updated with updated video drivers
16 gigs ram
nvidia 512 mb videocard - updated drivers
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  1. Easy fix. Avoid that website.
  2. not really the answer i need

    somebody must have run into this issue

    how could an image do this?
  3. Cant really imagine an image causing those effects...Could you post the image? or link to site?

    And this effects the whole screen and not just the portion thats displaying the image?
  4. ive never seen this.

    the site is

    i tried it on several other computers and no problems
  5. Upload that image to and remember to select "Do not resize option". Post the link to it here.
  6. Ive not seen an issue that would cause the symptoms you are describing, at first I thought it might be a flash issue, but its a very basic site, which banner are you referring to? the title?

    Try a different browser and report back....The browser you have may have caused issues in saving the image but cannot see why it would effect your whole screen, its just a couple of jpegs and a gif

    Edit: Also are you able to screenshot this defect?
  7. heres issue happening on a different site.

    there are very few sites that do it.

  8. I tried firefox, chrome, IE all updated.

    it happens in the OS as well. not a browser issue
  9. Ok thanks, wish everyone would post a video, makes things a lot easier...unfortunately haven't come across an issue quite like that before... it does seem to be connected to the site though as it moves as you scroll...

    Could you give us some more details...What exact graphics card is it? and what monitor are you using as well as the type of connection you have? and are you able to capture it in a screenshot, by hitting "printcreen" on your keyboard and pasting into ms paint?
  10. nvidia geforce 310
    samsung syncmaster 2223
    digital connection

    the paste into paint also causes the screen to go black

    the user believes the color blue is involved
  11. Ok cool, if you could save and post that image, i just use its very quick to post and put the link up here.... That way can determine wether or not the issue is before or after the output on your card...

    Another thing to check is: Right click desktop>Screen resolution>Advanced settings>monitor and make sure you are running the correct color depth and refresh rate
  12. Try to disable any automatic adjustment features that your monitor may have.
  13. i cant because i cant save anything when i cant see.

    on the reserve stock banner makes it happen, when i scroll off it everything is fine.

    i downloaded it to my desktop and it happens when i preview it

  14. That is screen lag. What Res do you have the monitor set at ? if you go into the options of the nvidia control panel you should have a list of refresh rates for the monitor, your video card may be out putting a higher Hz speed than the monitor can handle at its resolution.
    Make sure if you have an on board graphics chipset as well on the mother board that you make sure it is turned off, and make sure there is not an option for frame buffer lower it or turn it off for the onboard graphics chipset.
  15. monitor is set at 1920x1080
    60 hz is the only choice

    I did not add the videocard
    this is the stock config from dell

    whats weird is that I have the HDMI connected to a TV and there are non of these issues.

    I have the offending image on the tv, no issues, i litterally drag it to the other screen and the monitor goes nuts, I tried lowering the resolution just to see if there was a change and it does the exact thing.
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