No signal from graphics card after boot

Since last Saturday my PC has been losing signal after it boots inconsistently. I say inconsistently because sometimes it shows the login screen for up to a minute, sometimes it allows me to use the computer (very rarely) and other times there is no signal at all. I'm using an Nvidia GTX 570 which has worked perfectly for 18 months until now. I can use safemode and also run it off the motherboard's integrated GPU but the refresh rate is stuck too low and obviously, I lose the benefits of the graphics card.

Here's what I've tried so far :
- Uninstalling and reinstalling driver software
- Checking cables and monitor with a laptop (they work)
- Reseating graphics card and RAM
- Using each RAM individually
- Checking GPU and CPU temps when I can access the PC, they are normal

The graphics card fan is spinning, so I assume it is being powered and the only thing I can think of would be a faulty PSU. My current one is 600W but has been capable of powering the system previously. Another note would be this started to occur when I tried to run swtor on Saturday for the first time. The initial resolution was set too high and I lost conection to the monitor and had to shut it down. That was the last time I properly used the PC. I can't really see this being a software issue but I'm not that knowledgeable on the subject so I've come here for help. I can get more specs for my PC if needed, turning it on has become an annoying process and I just need a small break and I'll get back to it.

Sometimes there is even no signal when the PC is booting is another point

Any help greatly appreciated
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  1. Thanks for the answer but how can it be the motherboard if I can use the computer fine through the integrated graphics. It's only when the gpu is brought into the equation that I lose signal. If the motherboard was faulty would it not be impossible to boot in safe mode?
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