New video card problems.

I recently upgraded my PC from a Radian HD 5570 card to an Nvidea GTX 660 card. I installed all the new drivers and such from the disk and updated. But shortly after, my computer suddenly switched from transparent menu boxes / taskbar (windows 7 ultimate) to the pale blue one (basic). Right after, it started making a high pitched whining (the computer, not the speakers). What's going on?

CPU: i3 dual core at 3.10
RAM: 8 Gb
HDD: 1 Tb
GPU: GTX 660
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. I would also like to point out that I had nothing open at the time but IE. No games or programs that could really need the GPU. This is what confused me, it wasn't under strain.
  2. -__- Just read that you NEED both of the power things plugged in. I only used one because it was the only free one. I guess that could explain the noise and the random visual downgrade at times. I guess I need to buy a new power supply so that I have all the cords I need...
  3. hello... yes the video card will squeal if not powered correctly... but all you need is molex or sata to PCIx power connector... much cheaper than new P.S. sometimes included in new Video card accessories.
  4. Hmmm, the black cord that goes into my bid card only has 5 of the 6 wires. I have a free identical cord that goes into the p.s. but it has all 6 wires. Could I just plug that one in? The new cord reads as a pci express with another head that reads as ski ready.
  5. hello... google pcie power adapter... a molex connector is the typical power connector that is the flat/one row of 4 female socket/pins connectors from your power supply... and it will have wires going to 2 rows of 3 female socket/pins connector for your Graphic Card.

    This item can be bought locallly... what stores are near you?
  6. nvm, i just plugged in the red PCI express cabel and everything is running good.
  7. Good : )
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