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Screen Goes Black While Playing Games

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 14, 2012 4:43:20 PM

Okay, so I've got a weird problem. While playing games, and noticed certain, my screen will go completely black (like monitor is having no input), and then stay that way. I can still hear sounds, but after a while the same sounds come which we hear at the time of blue screen of death and after that i have to manually press the shut down button on cpu for 5 to 6 seconds.

Now, I've tested this on 4 games. I started seeing it on Amazing Spiderman, GTA 4 and New Medal of Honour
I can easily play Battlefield2 & 3, Dishonored, Max Payne 3, Fifa 13 & New NFS Mostwanted etc..without any diffculty

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

System Specs:

Intel i7 860 @2.80 GHz

ASUS P7H55 Motherboard


Again, thanks for any help.
November 14, 2012 4:49:43 PM

sorry i forgot to mention my graphic card

AMD Radeon HD 6850
April 9, 2013 11:00:35 PM

Black screen after a few minutes in games

hi anujgupta

I had exactly the same problem with my three years old gaming pc. The monitor turned black because he did not receive any data and the grafic card itself shut down because it overheated.

I rose the fan speed what allowed to play a little longer... Finally I had to buy a new gaming grafic card...
January 2, 2014 12:20:00 PM MY PROBLEM

And my fix--> I had this problem LONG LONG TIME.
After fresh install i did the following which really fixed it. Did not get BS last 3 days!


Last things i did where
- Install win 8 (did not fix it by itself)
- Changed TDR keyes (look for TDR KEYS in google search)(Did not completely do the trick either)
- Installed 331.58 NVIDIA driver (AFTER completely wiping drivers with Display Driver Wiper !IN SAFE MODE!) (This made BS way less, but still occured)
- And THIS GAVE IT THE FINAL PUSH!!--> Underclocked my GPU from:
+ GPU clock 604 Mhz --> 534 Mhz
+ Memory clock 966 Mhz --> 966 Mhz
+ Shader clock 1368 Mhz --> 1200 Mhz

I tried everything u can think off before coming to that!