I want to built my first pc. for the new year. Help?

Hello everyone I want to build my first pc. My budget is low $400 is my max, the build has to be 400 flat shipping and tax included. My dell optiplex 755 mt's Mobo got fried by one cockroach that what my pc guy told me. So dont worry for the optical drive because I already got one its a sata and I got a 2tb Hard drive and an external hdd which is 750 gb.

Right now im using a pc that i got free. it sucks bad its a custom pc also. I can only check the internet but it lags so bad in the internet I fell like trowing it to the garbage. I got a decent internet not that great but I get like 25mbps upload and downloads i get like 3 or 5mbps.

Anyways lets get back to the pc. Can any body help me with which parts to get. I want a pc that can surf the web with ease and to be able to multitask also that can play new games at low setting. I also want it to play old games in high setting like 1,2,3 years old games.

All im looking to know which mobo and cpu to get, I already have the memory in mind I think I the kingston hyper x 8gbs or 16gbs. I also have a psu in mind the Raidmax rx-600af 600w or if you can recommend another psu that fits my budget please tell me. Show the amd side and intel with same range. for amd I would like to see the new boards like fm1, or fm2.

For intel I want first gen i3, i5, and i7 or second gen i3, i5, i7. the second gen of intel and third are a bit pricey if it dosent fit my budget find some thing else that is not that outdated. ohh also I have a case also so no need for that. also I want a good graphics card that fits my budget.

I know that I have good knowledge of the components of a pc and with parts to get, but help me out I can know that, but I have no experience from the builds. I'm asking your help with experience from the builds you guys made.

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  1. Save up. Come back when you have some more money and ypu'll be able to build a beast system.
  2. Yea I'd save up more money.. 400$ isn't gonna get anything much other than a console.
  3. Don't be discouraged, if you get around $800 you can make a really good build.
  4. Yea come back around 650-700 and we can layout a parts list for you. To see how much more you need to save up
  5. ok Thanks guys ill come back when i get more money maybe, ill come up with rest of the money on my birthday which is on
    February. Ill post in two months. thanks for the advice.
  6. no problem
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