I5-760 / P55M-GD45 / HD5770 / No picture or post

No picture after taking apart the build and clearing it from dust with air duster


2x2GB DDR3


LC-Power 650W PSU

No picture after taking these steps

* Tried different RAM sockets with 3 different sticks
* Check CPU / attach stock cooler better
* 2 monitors / VGA/HDMI/DVI outputs
* Resetting CMOS with pins and shorting the battery
* Breadboarding the setup atm

Will power on (won't POST though...) Fans spin, HDD powers up, gpu powers

also no signal to keyboard nor mouse
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  1. Hi, Is there a case speaker (beeper) connected to the motherboard?
  2. did you use compressed air? Those contain liquids which might have damaged something.
  3. alexoiu: Yes there is. mobo does give 3 long beeps without RAM
    angaddev: Yes I did, it's pure air designed for components specifically I use it at work all the time.
  4. Then maybe it's something wrong with the graphics card. Can you test with a different one?
  5. Went out and bought GT210... still nothing
  6. It's not good buying parts if you're not sure they're faulty. Maybe testing the PC at a local shop is a better option.
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