Over clocking problem can't sure pass clock speed

I have a radeon hd 7970 gigbyte edition 1000mhz GPU clock factory oc
when i raise it to 1100mhz its fine even 1120 will work to

but if i go past that when i boot a game it will crash then close and windows will tell me my graphics adapter has gone unresponsive then has been recovered and everthing gos back to normal

if i raise i just a little bit above that it will some times take a good period of time then crash and say the same message
in the windows tray

iam useing CCC to oc it

CCC says i can take it to 1200clocks

i can take my memory clock all the way up to 1650 oc and it is just fine its base clock is 1375

is there maybe a problem with voltage

heres my computer specs incase its other hardware holding me back

Mother board mpower z77 1155

ram G.skill 1600 2 sticks of 4 total 8gbs

drive 500gb harddrive 7200rpm

power supply CX600 600watt corsiar

CPU core i5 3570k

I use MSI one click bios i can tweak the GPU voltage from there it sugests i don't surpass 1.4v

the tempature of the card dosen't surepass 60 to 65 degrees on full load like guildwars 2 bf3

and will go as low as around 40 on idle

if i got another 7970 oc gigbyte

and used crossfire would i see a performace boost even though i can't surpass 1100mhz
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    I don't know why you care that much. Every card has it's limits before it becomes flat out unstable, it looks like you got a pretty good one. You could try upping voltage if it isn't locked on your card, as you are getting very low temps.
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