Low FPS high end CPU

Processor - intel core i7-2700k cpu 3.5ghz (8 cpus)

gpu - gtx 660 ti

16 gigs of ram

1tb seagate Sata hd

850 watt / 70 am psu

mother board: intel xtreme board dz77re-75k
It's a custom built rig (my first one). Everything was working great for about a week. Then tonight everything went to hell. I started getting 10-20 fps in all of my games, where I was getting 90-100. I've set all the settings in games to very low and now change in fps, i've overclocked my processor to 4.2ghz and no change. Help anyone please?
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  1. I would almost guess a virus do a scan to double check and maybe reseat the cpu cooler .Hows temps?
  2. It's a brand new install, and I've only used it to game. Sc2 - League of Legends, WoW, Dota 2. Temps are great. Whole system is running around 45 C. Card specifically at 39 C.

    Edit: Ran a Virus scan using Avast! Came back clean.

    Edit: I updated drivers, and installed a bunch of windows updates. I seem to be getting spikes now. About 10-40 fps on lowest settings. I guess it's not a huge difference.

    Edit: I reseated the cpu fan, it was a little bit loose. This fixed the issue, back to 120 fps in all games now.
  3. This issue was resolved by re-seating CPU fan. I guess the whole system was running hot because the processor was overheating. Everything seems to be working now.
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