Ati Radeon or nVidia?

Not sure if I should get a Radeon 6870 or a nVidia 560 ti.

Also , would the radeon be compatible with my computer? the specs are :

Intel i3-2120 3.3Ghz Dual Core
4GB DDR3 memory
64Bit OS W7
300W PSU (Soon to be 600W)
The previous card I had , Radeon 7750 didn't work with my system. Not sure if the 6870 will? I have a PCI-Express 2.0 slot.
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  1. was the 7750 dead on arrival, did you test it in any other pc? because it should have worked just fine, there's nothing incompatible in that setup of yours...

    so 6870 should also work.. or 560ti... though both of them are from the previous gen...

    though maybe the psu is junk, but it'll be junk for any other card as well, so not card/vendor specific.
  2. Yes. I tried it with another PSU which was a 600w , and then we tried it in a different computer and it worked fine! Then we tried some cheap graphics card in my own computer and it worked. I'm not sure if PCI-E 3.0 is backwards compatible or not - I assumed so.
  3. pcie is backwards compatible, so it's likely to be a psu problem. Your old psu just dont have enough wattage on the 12V rail to power these new cards.
  4. Woops Lol! Forgot to say we did try another higher PSU (600w) in my computer with the graphics card plugged in , Didn't work but the card doesnt need extra power from cables.
  5. well that complicates things, not sure where to go with that... what mobo do you have?
  6. Mobo is H-CUPERTINO2-H61-uATX
  7. ok, that is a Compaq/HP OEM mobo, bit of a bad sign really.
    there might be a bios update for it, might just improve graphics card compatibility.
    lets see...

    edit cant find one... cant really find anyhting else on it :P
  8. So it's not compatible? the 6870 or 560
  9. well I dont know, sorry.
    But there's nothing obviously wrong with your pc, you should've been able to run the 7750 just fine from what I can tell...
  10. Generaly, if u are planning to play with more than one monitor, then go ahead for ATI
    if you are planning for the general performance or the stereo scoping 3D gaming, so definetly go to nVidia
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