GTX 680M or 7970M multi monitor via M18X R2 or MX17 R4

Hi there,

Can anyone help -

I just wanted to clarify the following regarding the multi-monitor setup

1_) 7970M can extend display to 3 different monitors via the ports available on the MX18 R2 and via AMD/ATI software?

2_) GTX 680M not possible to extend multi-monitor like the 7970M unless you buy additional peripherals/cables/boxes?

If you can not extend the GTX 680M to 3 different monitors -

3_) What additional hardware/software can you use and which is the best

4_) Any experience in this would be whole lot of useful for me and others.

Much appreciated for any help

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  1. Here is a link with 12.8 vs 306.23, Imagine whats going to happen with AMD CATA 12.11 beta 7?

    The nVidia GTX680M gets throughly stomped by the HD7970M and 7970M is cheaper by few $$$ hundred Dollars :o

    I have to say that the Enduro is not as good as Optimus, but its getting there and matters if you SLI or XFIRE, but even so, in dual cards the AMD is faster but the support for Optimus is stronger bcoz its been around for much longer than Enduro.
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