Is this Psu good enough?

Currently have amd fx 4100 @ 4.5ghz
hyper 212 evo heatsink push/pull
8gb cheapo ram
gtx 260
gigabyte 990fxa ud3
3 other case fans.

currently it works fine i mean i'm playing games and doing my thing you know, but I'd like to buy a gtx 670 probably the MSI or the Gigabyte version. Will i need to get a better Psu?
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  1. Go to and enter your system. It will show you the power required and indicate if there are any problems with the build. But generally speaking, 650W is plenty for any single graphics card system.
  2. i cannot tell you if it is a bad PSU but being a "no name" brand with only a 1 year warranty i highly doubt it is a good let alone a quality PSU.

    cheer for it not blowing up on you! (yet)

    please buy a better one like antec, seasonic, XFX, or corsair.

    please :)
  3. :) this thing has lasted 3 years with no issues! Back to it; Which psu would you recommend and at how many watts?
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    Well since you've been using it for 3 years the psu must have degraded a little. But you should be fine since the gtx 670 draws a little less power than the gtx 260.

    If you want to be safe get a 500w or 600 w psu with a good brand (your current psu looks like a no name brand)

    I find OCZ is cost effective brand, but not top of the line. Antec is good too, but depends on which line of psu's. Corsair is really good (although a little overpriced imo), besides their builder series which is decent but not great. Theres so many to choose from its hard to recommend one.

    Heres one on sale 620w antec for $50 after rebate. Will be more than enough for your current build. It leaves a lot of headroom in case you upgrade again.
  5. I will say go for a better brand. If you are based in LA, I have a Corsair TX750 for sale or trade!

    If you are buying your GTX670, we can trade it for your GTX260 if it works flawless... I need an extra GPU
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