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Typing lag and computer crash!

December 30, 2012 1:39:29 PM

My system details are-

Hard Drives - Seagate 7200rpm. (250GB and 500GB. One remains disconnected when the other is being used.)

OS - Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 (on both drives).

Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.40GHz
Video Card - Zotac Nvidia GT 240 (ZT-20406-10L)

Motherboard - Intel DG41RQI

RAM - 1.98GB of Transacend

SMPS - Cooler Master 600watts

Security - AVAST free Anti-Virus, SuperAntiSpyware and Windows firewall is up all the time.

I have a larger and faster Cooler Master CPU fan installed than the stock Intel fan.
My cabinet has 2 extra 120mm Gigabyte fans, one installed in the front and one at the back of the cabinet. These fan modifications were done 2 years back.

UPS- APC Back-UPS ES 650

Hi! I am facing an odd problem with my computer for the past 2 weeks. When I type on the system, the texts sometimes do not seem to appear for few seconds and after some time even though I have just feather touched an alphabet button(example - 'r'), it appears as 'rrrrrrrrr'. Words such as 'results' end up appearing as 'rslts' or 'rrrrsllltss' etc. :pt1cable:  It seems like there is a lag in the response to the alphabets typed on the keyboard. I have had this issue more so when I have an additional application open.
Like when I have 4 tabs open on Mozilla Firefox and try typing, I face a lag. But when I close a tab and try typing again, the lag disappears for few seconds or minutes. The same also happens when I am typing in the Windows Notepad and when I face a lag in it, I close and open it again to continue typing for few minutes normally.

This also happens when I play the game- 'GTA IV' and usually, when a race commences, my car stays stands still and does not respond to the keyboard commands. I frantically tried pressing the arrow buttons to move the car but it responded after 20 seconds and drove ahead on its own as it was out of my control! I did an in-game benchmark test which returned excellent 'frames per second' results. Here, there seems to be a lag very similar to the one I face while typing on the computer. However, the mouse commands seem to be perfectly normal and I can highlight text and select, cut, copy, paste etc. The mouse behaves perfectly normal in the game. I have GTA IV loaded on a second Seagate Hard Drive and facing this problem on another Seagate Hard Drive as well which happens to be my main drive. Suspecting a Hard Drive issue, I even defragmented them and checked these Hard Drives for errors but nothing fishy came out. I suspect this to be an issue with the hardware but am unable to decipher it.

I have checked just now that when I open Second Life Viewer that uses close to 500MB-900MB(Total computer memory usage to 1200MB max) of memory usage, the computer hangs and crashes after a blue screen of death and restarts after that. :o  And I cannot type anything with this application running in the background. It happens whenever I use the Second Life viewer (This seems to have started since the typing issue started). I've saved two crash reports.

The following are the additional things I have done to test the computer etc.

* I removed my Video Card to check the issue and the problem persisted although less severe.

* My maximum typing speed is 45 words per minute and the lag issue is present even at speeds of 30 wpm.

* I ran 'Memtest86' and 'Memtest86+', the pre-boot memory scanning software loaded on the DVD that scans system memory for errors but couldn't find any errors.

* The lag is slightly more evident when I hibernate the computer and bring it back from hibernation.

* I have noticed that the lag disappears for a good time when the computer is shut down with power plug removed and started again after 10 minutes or so.

* Suspecting the older wired PS connectivity keyboard, I have replaced it with a new DELL wireless keyboard. The situation remains the same.

* Also, I cleaned up(removed dust) the whole CPU and took apart everything, vacuumed the cabinet.

* I have formatted a hard drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows XP. The problem remains still.

* I tested another hard drive with Wondows 7 and it too is facing the same problem.

* It seems that the lag issue disappears sometimes and appears once again in few seconds or minutes.

What could the above mentioned symptoms hint to? Is there any free diagnostic tool that could run a test and give some results? Please help me. Thank you.