Change in Plans, Stuck with 1920X1220, Best Video Card(s)

I had planned on getting a new 2560X1600 display but the wife just nixed it so I will stick with my present 1920X1200 24inch display.

I am getting a new computer with plenty of RAM, 850 or 1000W power and the usual I5 3570K processor and a nice motherboard.

In looking over the reviews, it appears that even a 7970GHZ isn't enough for some demanding games like Metro 2033. It looks to me like I need two 7950's in crossfire to have everything maxed out on all games and keep the FPS up to at least 40-50. I cannot wait until next year, getting the stuff next week.

Two 7950's cost $600 compared to the 7970GHz ($470) or 680 ($505)

I prefer the Gigabyte 7950's but am open to suggestions. Yes I may want to overclock the graphics boards but am interested in quiet operation and with this much graphics power on a 24 inch monitor, I may not need to.

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  1. Why not go with a Nvidia card? I would say go with the 670. But if you are gonna upgrade your moniter to 2560x1600, then go with the red team since they seem to do better at a higher res
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    Metro 2033 is highly gpu memory reliant, the more gpu memory you have the better in the case of Metro 2033. The two 7950s will work perfect for what you plan to do and are power houses today. At 1980x1080 though a single 7950 can pull through at about 60 fps with everything maxed. Of course that is an average in intense scenes it will most likely go below 60fps. If you are going to run the 2560x1080 then crossfire 7950s can output above 60fps even with 4xMSAA. All of this is specific to Metro BTW and the new AMD Beta drivers give increased gaming performance so you may want to check that out.
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